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Live Coaching

Engage in a dynamic virtual coaching experience that will guide you through a journey of healing and self-discovery on Monday nights at 7pm CST/9pm EST for the next 9 months.


Each month you will be encouraged through spirit led e-book materials, prayers and devotionals that will activate an empowering transformation in your life. 

Expert Guidance

My certified life coaching friends and I will walk this experience of healing with you while providing techniques and insight on living the life of your dreams. 

My Story, Sis I've Been There


Hey Sis! In 2016, I lost my father to a battle of cancer and experienced a divorce at the same time. Everything I thought I knew about life and believed in didn't see real anymore. I lost more than the most important men in my life at the same time. I lost myself. I felt completely broken and couldn't see anything passed my pain. All I knew is that I was mad as hell at everyone, especially myself. 

When I was the most shattered I've every been in emotionally, physically and spiritually, that's when God came in to give me a reality check! He showed me who I was in Him and how much He loved me. He put all my pieces back together much greater than I was before all to show me that as a Daddy's Girl, I can conquer, do and possess anything I want. All I had to do was get passed my pain to get out my own way of Him showing me that. 

And that's what I did and what I want to do for you! My heart and life has been restored. And I know yours can to. So if you are where have been and are in search of some change, join this amazing experience so we can transform today!

During the 9 month experience your Mondays will never be the same. You will enjoy the following goodies the entire way through:

  • Live hour of proven coaching strategies to help navigate you through discovering your true passion in life. 
  • Pre-recorded messages of encouragement and love to uplift you through this journey.
  • Weekly devotionals and prayers to remind you that God is in this process with you.
  • Digital e-book series from the book, "Heal My Broken Wing, How to Rebuild After A Heartbreak, written by Coach Laverne.
  • Virtual community of courageous women to develop relationships with. 
  • Heartfelt sessions from special guest coaches who want to see you win!
  • And more.. 

 The first Live sessions starts Monday September 28th at 7pm CST/8pm EST. Sign up today to start the new chapter in your life of freedom and prosperity!

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From One Daddy's Girl to Another

Hear Coach Laverne talk about her vision for this experience!

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